Why choose Illa





Illa offers a line of cookware designed specifically for induction cooking: a new way of approaching cooking that has been widespread for over 20 years now. and is gradually catching on in Italy, too.

All of our pots and pans can be manufactured with a base that is suitable for induction hobs, using proven and extensively tested technologies such as braze welding. However, Illa's strategic decision remains to adopt the "impact bonding" technology on a large scale, ensuring thereby a perfect adhesion of the base, maximum resistance against thermal shocks during the use of the cookware as well as outstanding design quality.
A type of induction cookware that is entirely made in Italy and which unique features are also appreciated by the end customer.

Illa's induction cookware features e a special bottom with a steel plate that allows for perfect cooking of food: in fact, induction generates induced magnetic currents thanks to special coils positioned under the glass ceramic hob, that carry the heat directly into the pot.
The advantage of this method of cooking is first and foremost the safety aspect: without gas and flame, there is no risk of gas leaks or burns, also in view of the fact that on the induction surface, heat is emitted exclusively inside the diameter occupied by the bottom of the pan.
Foods are heated very rapidly, thanks to the possibility of precisely controlling the power and temperature variations. In addition, the surface is very easy to clean, because – in addition to being completely smooth – it does not heat up and so food residues do not stick to it.
The greater than 90% efficiency of induction surfaces makes energy costs competitive with respect to those of a gas hob; as well as avoiding the need for inconvenient cylinders or a gas mains connection.
Finally, a special mention must go to the design: for those who love minimal chic style, the induction surface is unquestionably an elegant solution in any kitchen.

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