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While skillets, pots and pans were once made in cast iron or die-cast aluminium, heavy impure materials and of inferior quality, Illa has always exclusively used discs of pressed aluminium, an excellent conductor of heat that is also light and manageable.
Compared with other materials such as steel, iron, or cast iron, aluminium reaches higher temperatures in less time and has the characteristic of distributing heat uniformly over the entire surface of skillets, pots, pans and casseroles, ensuring better cooking of foods.
The technology used is pressing, which makes it possible to shape a body in aluminium by cold deformation of a slab produced by rolling.
Unlike die-casting, which consists in pouring molten aluminium into a metal press, with the use of plasticizers such as silicon, zinc, copper and tin, the pressed aluminium used by Illa is virtually pure, hence more prized.
As regards the quality of the non-stick coating, pressed aluminium is considered by far the best solution since it avoids the formation of bubbles; something which instead can occur during the heating processes in pressure die-casting.
Finally, Illa uses a powerful ultra modern 3600-ton hydraulic press for cold forging, that can calibrate differing thicknesses of the bottom: greater to improve cooking performance; thinner at the sides to reduce material waste and lighten the overall weight of the product.

Illa pots, pans, skillets and casseroles are lined with the safest non-stick coatings on the market, thanks to partnerships with DuPont and Whitford, two leading companies worldwide.
Aluminium non-stick cookware combines lightness and excellent conduction abilities with the advantage that it prevents food from sticking to the bottom even in the absence of condiments.
The result is safer cooking, because the food " since it does not adhere to the bottom" does not develop harmful substances due to the combined effect of overheating and dehydration, and is also healthier, since cooking without oils and fats brings undoubted benefits for any daily diet.
The coating in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, an inert polymer with high thermal and chemical resistance) has been on the market for over 40 years and has been certified as a material that is absolutely safe by international regulatory agencies (EFSA, AFSSA and the FDA).
In fact, even if ingested, PTFE particles pass through the body without undergoing any type of alteration, thanks to their chemical inertia, and do not represent any risk should the coating
of the utensil become damaged or scratched.
PTFE is free from nickel, heavy metals and PFOA, all materials that can have harmful consequences.
The non-stick coating for pots, pans, skillets and casseroles made of aluminium undergo no damage at temperatures below 260°C: this means that these utensils can be used in the oven, on traditional rings and plates, or on a ceramic or induction hob in complete safety, because no type of cooking uses (outside the recommendations) a temperature higher than 250°.
The quality of the coating, together with the thickness of the bottom, is essential to ensure the durability and, above all, the performance of non-stick pots and pans. The coating, which can be applied by spray or a roller, usually consists of several layers, including an indispensable base layer (primer) " which acts as an adhesive " and a final layer (finishing), the actual non-stick surface.
Naturally, an important role is also played by the heaviness of the bottom: a sufficiently high thickness allows better distribution of the heat and the absence of overheating points (hotspots), which can damage the coating.
Pots, pans, skillets and casseroles with non-stick coating are versatile utensils, suitable for any context and the cooking of any type of food: having been designed to prevent food from sticking, they are ideal for quick cooking and stir frying, since there is of course no need to add fatty condiments.

Also among our ceramic cookware we offer solutions of excellent quality, thanks to a synergy with Whitford: the material used to coat this type of utensil is made with SOL-GEL technology and particles of calcium.
For those who don't want to renounce the "beautiful" in the kitchen, pots and pans with a ceramic coating are a must, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. Illa's pots with ceramic coating feature high heat resistance and are ideal for making cooked foods golden and crispy, for guaranteed success when served..
Cookware with a ceramic coating, however, does not guarantee perfect non-stick properties. Therefore Illa, thanks to a partnership with the non-stick colossus DuPont, created Illa Pearl, a line with an innovative fashionable design that combines the elegance of white with the convenience and culinary performance at the highest level of a true non-stick pan.

The tendency to return to products that more resemble a natural appearance and to recover tradition has recently led to the development of special coatings that recall the appearance and culinary attraction of cooking on stone.
For Illa this evolution is represented by the line Cook on Rock in professional and everyday versions
This new line of pans, pots, pans and saucepans with non-stick stone coating in stone is the result of long-term research by Illa, based on the latest technological discoveries in the service of cooking.
The bottom, in a non-stick material, is reinforced with hardened mineral particles, which make it exceptionally resistant to wear, cuts and scratches, while perfectly preserving its non-stick properties.
These stone-coated pans guarantee cooking that is healthy and light, since there is no need to add condiments, and at the same time rich in flavour, since they release the heat gradually making it possible to cook at a low temperature, thereby preserving all the aroma and natural taste of the foods inside them.
The stone pans are a good choice for every type of cooking and are ideal for fast and tasty preparations: they heat up very quickly and, thanks to the heaviness of the bottom and the special particles it is made from, retain heat longer.

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