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The coating process of non-stick pans


The search for maximum quality level is for Illa a keystone of its production, 100% Made in Italy: no detail is overlooked and the technologies used are constantly evolving.
For Illa manufacturing in Italy has economic and strategic advantages:
• The best technologies today are European.
• Labour costs only account for 10% of total production costs.
• Transport costs for relocation are not compensated for by other revenues.
• The cost of aluminium is the same all over the world.

We must not forget that Italy is the largest European manufacturer of kitchen utensils and that the Italian market is the most important in the cookware field at a European level.
Illa decided to bring together at its production pole in Noceto all the processing stages of the product, from painting to finishing, from wrapping and packaging to logistics.

The company's highly automated plant is the most modern and avant-garde in the sector, its systems recently updated thanks to 5 production lines and latest generation painting lines that use both roller and spray technology.
The Illa plant can produce any type of utensil with non-stick coating.
The painting plants are equipped with highly efficient purification systems that fully respect the health of the workers and the surrounding environment; other milestones for the company, which has always been intransigent on these issues.
The pots and pans made of aluminium are shaped to perfection using latest generation presses that reach a good 3600 tons and allow the forging and/or cold coining of aluminium to obtain heavy bottoms with thinner sides, so as to optimize cooking quality and material consumption.
Strict checks complement the production cycle, from raw materials to finished product, ensuring 100% reliability for any item included in the sales chain, as demonstrated by the data on returns: the company's main customer has bought more than 50 million pieces over the last 25 years, with an infinitesimal rate of returns. Its second client has not returned even one piece in the last 5 years.

Quality and innovation are accompanied by a careful selection of materials suppliers, all European producers or at any rate EU-certified. Every material, before being used, is analysed and tested to ensure its quality, durability, resistance, but especially compatibility with food use.
Also the coatings of pots, pans and skillets are made with the most reliable non-stick substances on the market, thanks to a partnership with DuPont and a recent synergy with Whitford.

Teflon®Platinum Plusis the non-stick coating most resistant to scratches and abrasion created so far. It is the first able to resist the effects of ordinary metal utensils and abrasive sponges.
Coming in three layers, with a minimum 40-micron thick coating, it includes microscopic, very hard mineral particles.
Metal utensils move over these particles without damaging the Teflon®surface they are part of, thus protecting its non-stick performance.

Teflon®Select has features that guarantee longer duration and is the coating intended for very intensive use. Three
layers are applied, reinforced with a minimum 35 micron thick coating. It has exceptional non-stick features.

Teflon®Classicis the original non-stick coating certified for regular use that guarantees extraordinary performance
and excellent value for money, both for rolling and spraying applications.

Whitford®is the original non-stick coating certified for regular use that guarantees extraordinary performance and
excellent value for money, both for rolling and spraying applications.

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