4 good reasons to choose Illa as your business partner
  • 1 Technology and production Made in Italy

  • 2 Quality non-stick coatings

  • 3 Solutions for every cooking method

  • 4 Reliable production and delivery

Non-stick coating

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Illa pots, pans, skillets and casseroles are lined with the best non-stick coatings on the market, thanks to partnerships with DuPont and Whitford, two leading companies worldwide.[more]

Ceramic coating

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For those who do not want to renounce the "beautiful" in the kitchen, pots and pans with ceramic coating are a must, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. [more]

Stone coating

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The tendency to return to products that more resemble a natural appearance and to recover tradition has recently led to the development of special coatings that are reminiscent of cooking on stone. [more]

Vegetal Oil

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Out of Illa's department of Research and Development comes Ollia-Tech, Illa's range of vegetable oil based coatings. Up until now, before using any new utensils, common procedure was to coat the inside with olive oil using a cotton ball. [more]

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