4 good reasons to choose Illa as your business partner
  • 1 Technology and production Made in Italy

  • 2 Quality non-stick coatings

  • 3 Solutions for every cooking method

  • 4 Reliable production and delivery

Example of Illa's ceramic cookware


For those who care about aesthetics in their kitchen, sauce and frying pans with ceramic non-stick coating are a must - not only from an aesthetic point of view. Illa’s ceramic cookware offers ex-tremely high heat resistance and is ideal for golden brown, crispy and deliciously fried food - a guaranteed success for every meal.

As ceramic-coated pans do not always guarantee perfect non-stick performance, we created Illa Pearl: a new cookware line featuring innovative and fashionable design. Combining white elegance with the convenience and outstanding cooking performance of a true non-stick pan.

La ceramica Illa made in Italy

caratteristiche del massimo livello di qualità disponibile è per Illa un punto cardine della produzione, 100% Made in Italy: nessun dettaglio è trascurato e le tecnologie impiegate sono costantemente in evoluzione. Lo stabilimento - in cui trovano spazio tutte le fasi produttive, dalla verniciatura alla finitura e confezionamento del prodotto - è diretto da

  • Whitford

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