4 good reasons to choose Illa as your business partner
  • 1 Technology and production Made in Italy

  • 2 Quality non-stick coatings

  • 3 Solutions for every cooking method

  • 4 Reliable production and delivery

Esempio di padelle in ceramica


Non-stick cookware with stone coating is becoming increasingly popular - cooking pots, sauce and frying pans with a natural looking stone coating remind of “cooking on stone” and enhance natural flavours. Following this new trend, we at Illa have created the new cookware line "Cook on Rock" - both available in the "Professional" and "Everyday" edition.

With these sophisticated stone coatings, sauce and frying pans as well as cooking pots become extremely resistant to time and wear without losing their non-stick properties, always guaranteeing healthy, light and tasty cooking - together with the ability to cook at low temperatures and preserve the aroma and natural taste of the food.

This type of stone coated cookware heats up very quickly and – thanks to its heavy bottom and the material it is made from – maintains the heat for a longer time.

Pentole, tegami e padelle in ceramica

caratteristiche del massimo livello di qualità disponibile è per Illa un punto cardine della produzione, 100% Made in Italy: nessun dettaglio è trascurato e le tecnologie impiegate sono costantemente in evoluzione. Lo stabilimento - in cui trovano spazio tutte le fasi produttive, dalla verniciatura alla finitura e confezionamento del prodotto - è diretto da

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