Illa in numbers
  • 30,000 square metre production area

  • 5 highly automated state-of-the-art production lines

  • 5 painting lines equipped with cutting-edge purification systems

  • 15 million-piece annual production capacity

  • 90% of our production is exported to highly demanding markets (Northern Europe and the US)

  • 40 countries market Illa products

  • 4 continents import Illa products

Illa's production plant in Noceto, Italy
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The great research work Illa Group continuously invests in has as its sole objective the use of the best technologies to ensure a finished product of the highest quality. The company strives to ensure daily, all along the production chain, the best practices in the field of environmental protection and safety of workers and consumers. The values ​​of respect for ethics and social responsibility have always been part of Illa's philosophy.

In addiction to meeting the strictest international standards in terms of environmental protection and safety of workers and consumers, being the Group Ikea’s supplier, it is required to ensure all steps required by IWAY Standard (Ikea Way) Code of Conduct, which establishes all the minimum requirements to be followed, also in ethical and social areas.

Made in Italy at 0 km
The entire production cycle takes place in the establishment of Illa NOCETO (PR), allowing control of the entire supply chain, from the manufacture of the aluminium disc to the shipment of the product. [continue]

Periodic verification of safety standards
The timely and constant work that Illa implements to improve its safety standards, allows the company to pass the regular periodic inspections and all external audits, including surprise audits to which it is subject as a provider of important companies such as Ikea.

Reduction of emissions

Illa has recently upgraded its facilities by acting both on the production and the painting line. The entire production chain - who undergoes daily and periodic checks - is equipped with highly efficient water treatment systems and cutting-edge fumes treatment equipment to reduce harmful emissions, both inside and outside the workplace. The company has also embarked on an ambitious energy improvement project that has the objective to arrive in time to further reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere up to 20%.

Reduction of waste and water consumption
Illa strives daily to reduce the amount of waste generated, implementing a massive and constant recycling of waste materials. In addition, the consumption of water during the production process has greatly reduced: Illa's plants are fitted with a closed system where the water is treated and then recirculated. Sediments or the water that can no longer be purified are disposed of and treated as civil wastes, which allows Illa not to have to resort to industrial dumping.

Safety and continuous training of workers
Workers' health and safety are a cornerstone of Illa's corporate philosophy. Reducing the risk of occupational illnesses and injuries, for anyone with access to the workplace, is the basis of Illa's best practice. Along with regular checks to verify the functioning of machinery and sewage treatment plants, Illa pays special attention to the condition of the staff working in the company, preparing analyses and assessments on emissions in the various departments of the factory and actually putting in place policies to prevent risks and illnesses. In addition, the company integrates the training of workers, already provided by law, with the organization of training activities for everything related to internal procedures.  

Certified raw materials
The pots, pans and all of Illa's tools for cookware are 100% Made in Italy. The raw materials used are selected and purchased only from certified producers and market leaders (such as DuPont and Whitford). [continue]

Illa exports over 90% of its production to countries with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and food safety, such as Northern Europe and the United States.

No substances harmful to health
Illa’s products do not contain PFOA or heavy metals that can be harmful to your heath. The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, an inert polymer with high thermal and chemical resistance) coating is certified ad an absolutely safe material from international regulatory agencies (EFSA, AFSSA and the FDA). Even if the coating is scratched, the aluminium forming the body of the pan is guaranteed as suitable for food contact.

Destructive testing and daily checks of the production process
Illa periodically performs destructive testing on its products and implements strict controls throughout the production process. The reliability of Illa's products is demonstrated by the data on sales returns: the company's main customer has purchased more than 50 million pieces in the last 25 years with neglectable returns. The second customer has not returned a single piece over the past 5 years.

Healthy cooking

If used correctly, Illa's non-stick coatings provide safe and healthy cooking, with food that will not stick, even without dressing. The thickness of the bottom ensures even heat distribution and prevents the formation of hot spots that can damage the lining and burn food.

Download the certificate SGS ISO 9001

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