Illa in numbers
  • 30,000 square metre production area

  • 5 highly automated state-of-the-art production lines

  • 5 painting lines equipped with cutting-edge purification systems

  • 15 million-piece annual production capacity

  • 90% of our production is exported to highly demanding markets (Northern Europe and the US)

  • 40 countries market Illa products

  • 4 continents import Illa products

A dash of lemon juice works wonders for your non-stick cookware
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Thanks to the high quality of the coatings used, Illa pots, pans, skillets and casseroles offer great resistance to scratches and can be used without the need for particular precautions.

The best tip to keep them gleaming longer is to use common sense, namely to avoid or limit the use of sharp or pointed metal utensils or the cutting of food inside the pan.

A good "grandmother's remedy", that is both ecological and economic, is to occasionally soak your Illa pots in lukewarm water, bicarbonate and one or two drops of lemon juice for a few minutes, to rub them over carefully with a soft sponge, then rinse and dry with a cotton cloth.

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