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Illa offers a broad range of exceptional non-stick pans with scratch-resistant coatings: from Teflon Classic to Teflon Select, Platinum Plus and Whitford coatings - all of them are entirely made in Italy.

Our non-stick pans are available with the following coatings:

1. Scratch-resistant Teflon-coating Unsere mit Teflon beschichteten Pfannen sind in folgenden Ausführungen erhältlich:
- Teflon Classic A non-stick coating that offers good quality and value for money. Easy to clean and ideal for those who cook a few times per week.

- Teflon Select Non-stick pans with this type of coating are more durable and are intended by DuPont for more in-tensive use in busy kitchens. The surface features an advanced reinforced three-layer coating sys-tem, with a minimum thickness of 35 microns. These pans offer outstanding non-stick properties

- Teflon Premium Plus This premium coating is extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. It withstands metal utensils and even abrasive scouring pads. Illa's non-stick pans with this type of coating feature outstanding non-stick properties, are extremely durable and suitable for the daily and professional use

2. Non-Stick Pans with Whitford Coating Whitford offers a PFOA-free, high quality coating with exceptional non-stick properties. Easy to clean. These pans are ideal for preparing delicate dishes such as fish, scrambled eggs or pancakes.:

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