The first non-stick pan made with olive oil

What is Olivilla?

Natural, healthy and innovative: The first pan with an olive oil non-stick coating has arrived. Olivilla is completely MADE IN ITALY and has been created by ILLA’s Research and Development department in order to offer consumers a cooking instrument, which is even more respectful of nature and even more non-stick.

Olive oil, the precious vegetable element, has always been used in the kitchen to flavour food and prevent it from sticking. Now, thanks to ILLA, olive oil has become the base of an exclusive product that is the best of Italian tradition. Olivilla is elegant, eco-friendly and made with natural colours and the highest quality materials.

Also, the thickness of the pan bottom provides a uniform heat distribution that reduces the cooking time of food and consequently saves energy.

Strong points

  • Maximum non-stick

  • Uniqueness

  • Innovative and modern line

  • Colour scheme that represents the special component of the product, olive oil

  • Strong idea of naturalness

  • Revolutionary product

  • Cooking without added fats

  • Reduction of cooking time

  • Energy saving

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