Deep fryer and basket

Illa’s Classic line has been enhanced with a new ally for every cooking enthusiast: the deep fryer and basket. Like all the pots and pans from Illa’s Classic line, the deep fryer and basket are covered in Whitford non-stick coating. Illa’s new innovation can be transformed from deep fryer to saucepan in seconds thanks to the extractable stainless steel basket. This not only makes the fryer safe and resistant but it also means it can be cleaned effortlessly and easily stored away with your other kitchen utensils. Prepare chips, fried fish and vegetables or even a tasty tempura with Illa’s new deep fryer. It is child’s-play to use but the results are truly gourmet!
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
22 cm 6 0,059 CW3622C 8006815083858
More details
Welded bakelite handle
Bottom rectified cicles, average thickness 2.5 mm
New Whitford non-stick interior coating

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