Deep pan 2 hanldes

The CLASSIC deep pan with two handles is ideal for preparing numberless dishes: you can cook fast over a high heat without condiments and without the risk of food sticking to the pan thanks to the Whitford black non-stick interior coating. In addition, the pan's two handles allow you to cook stews in a convenient way and to carry your meals straight to the table with ease.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
20 cm 10 0,031 CL2320 8006815078779
22 cm 10 0,031 CL2322 8006815078786
24 cm 10 0,041 CL2324 8006815078793
26 cm 10 0,038 CL2326 8006815078809
28 cm 10 0,051 CL2328 8006815078816
30 cm 10 0,065 CL2330 8006815078823
32 cm 10 0,065 CL2332 8006815078830
More details
Welded bakelite handle
Bottom rectified cicles, average thickness 2.5 mm
New Whitford non-stick interior coating

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