creative LINE PLUS

Deep pan 2 hanldes

For pan-searing vegetables, cooking first and second dishes and a whole range of original, tasty recipes, the CREATIVE PLUS deep pan with two handles is just what you need for a perfect result. With its DuPont Teflon Classic black non-stick coating, there's no risk of food sticking to the pan, while optimum results are also assured during lengthy cooking processes. The soft touch handles provide a sure grip, while the decorated exterior coating and screen-printed base add to the attractive appearance.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
22 cm 6 0,027 CP2122 8006815080178
24 cm 6 0,031 CP2124 8006815078540
26 cm 6 0,035 CP2126 8006815080185
28 cm 6 0,036 CP2128 8006815078557
More details
Exclusive soft touch coloured handles
Starry serigraphic bottom design, average thickness 3.3 mm
Teflon classic non-stick interior coating

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