Frying pan

From today on you can cook all kinds of foodstuffs from meat to fish, from vegetables to omelets in a healthy way and with the mouthful flavour of genuineness thanks to the pans of Bio Cook Oil line. Moreover, the mineral particles contained in the coating make the pan resistant to scratches and abrasions
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
20 cm 6 BO1220 8006815088020
22 cm 6 BO1222 8006815088037
24 cm 6 BO1224 8006815088044
26 cm 6 BO1226 8006815088051
28 cm 6 BO1228 8006815088068
30 cm 6 BO1230 8006815088075
32 cm 6 BO1232 8006815088082
More details
Handle with soft touch effect
Rectified bottom, thickness: 3mm
Exclusive OLLIA-TECH interior coating

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