creative LINE PLUS

Frying pan

The frying pan in the CREATIVE PLUS line will bring cheer and creativity to your kitchen as well as the quality of the very best non-stick materials. Available in 7 different sizes for all cooking requirements, this non-stick frying pan is the ideal workmate in every kitchen and allows you to prepare fish, meat, vegetables and delicious side dishes in a healthy way. Coated on the interior in non-stick DuPont Teflon Classic, the frying pan is decorated externally and has a coloured sure-grip soft touch handle for an original touch in the kitchen.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
18 cm 6 0,018 CP1218 8006815079578
20 cm 6 0,018 CP1220 8006815078496
22 cm 6 0,024 CP1222 8006815079585
24 cm 6 0,024 CP1224 8006815078502
26 cm 6 0,032 CP1226 8006815078519
28 cm 6 0,032 CP1228 8006815078526
30 cm 6 0,039 CP1230 8006815078533
More details
Exclusive soft touch coloured handles
Starry serigraphic bottom design, average thickness 3.3 mm
Teflon classic non-stick interior coating

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