cook and love color

Frying pan

Easy to handle and functional, ILLA's Cook and Love frying pan is ideal for preparing tasty, healthy meat, fish and vegetable dishes each day. Colourful and versatile, it adds a cheerful touch to any kitchen. The silicone coating on the exterior is dishwasher-safe. The bakelite handle allows you to hang up the pan after use and save space in the kitchen, while the interior surface is treated with Whitford black non-stick coating.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
18 cm 10 0,0198 IL1218B 8006815085067
20 cm 10 0,0256 IL1220B 8006815085074
22 cm 10 0,0283 IL1222B 8006815085081
24 cm 10 0,0342 IL1224B 8006815085098
26 cm 10 0,0397 IL1226B 8006815085104
28 cm 10 0,0444 IL1228B 8006815085111
30 cm 10 0,0514 IL1230B 8006815085128
32 cm 10 IL1232B 8006815085135
More details
Welded bakelite handle
Bottom rectified in circles. Average thickness 2.5 mm
New Whitford non-stick interior coating

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