Professional Stone Induzione

Saucepan 1 hanlde

Do you want gourmet standard results every time you prepare your sauces , creams, beschemels or even when you are simply reheating leftovers? Well the answer is the Professional Stone Induction single-handled casseroule from Illa. It is extremely practical as it has a 4mm deep bottom as well as an internal Teflon Infinity Dupont coating. Incredlbily high performance is guarenteed because heat is maintained at a constant temperature for uniform cooking. The stone-effect theme is even continued on the outside making this casseroule not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and long-lasting.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
16 cm 6 PI8716INS 8006815085265
More details
Bakelite black handle
Internal stone effect Infinity DuPont Teflon coating
Induction bottom, thickness 4.5 mm

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