Saucepot 2 handles

ILLA proposes the elegant two-handled deep pan in the ROYAL line in 6 different sizes, ranging from 16 to 26 cm in diameter, designed for preparing different amounts of food as required and without waste. The exterior porcelain enamel coating is extremely tough and has been given a shaded finish. The sure-grip soft touch handles are in the same colour, while food will not stick to the bottom of the pan thanks to the DuPont Teflon Select black non-stick coating. Ideal for dishes that require lengthy cooking processes, like stews, boiled and braised meat, soups.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
16 cm 10 0,030 RO3616 8006815079189
18 cm 10 0,040 RO3618 8006815079196
20 cm 10 0,054 RO3620 8006815079202
22 cm 10 0,059 RO3622 8006815079219
24 cm 10 0,074 RO3624 8006815079226
26 cm 10 0,089 RO3626 8006815079233
More details
Welded bakelite handle soft touch finishing
Starry serigraphic bottom design, average tichness 3.5 mm
Teflon Select non-stick interior coating

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