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Saucepot 2 handles

Proposed in 4 different sizes (18-24 cm in diameter), this two-handled stewpan is ideal for cooking stews in a natural and healthy way without sticking to the bottom of the pan and with all their flavour intact. The stewpan is treated on the interior with Whitford 'stone effect' non-stick coating and has bakelite handles.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
18 cm 10 PI3818N 8006815084527
20 cm 10 PI3820N 8006815084190
22 cm 10 PI3822N 8006815084534
24 cm 10 PI3824N 8006815084206
More details
Welded bakelite handle
Paint bottom. Average tickness 3,5 mm.
New Whitford \"stone effect\" interior coating

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