Spaghetti pot with colander lid

Amongst the huge range of pots and pans in Illa’s Classic line, you cannot miss the practical spaghetti pot with a perforated colander lid. This spaghetti pot is perfect for easily cooking and straining all varieties of long pasta. Your dish is guaranteed to be prepared perfectly and the spaghetti cannot slip out of the pot as you drain the cooking water. The internal non-stick black Whitford coating prevents and food from sticking to the bottom of the pot making it reliable and long lasting. Bakelite handles and a steel lid guarantee that this pot is resistant and ideal for everyday use.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
22 cm 8 0,101 CL4122N 8006815085012
More details
Welded bakelite handle
Bottom rectified cicles, average thickness 2.5 mm
New Whitford non-stick interior coating

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