glass lid 

Illa’s ‘Gourmet Club’ glass lid is indispensable to prevent any heat escaping and for cooking the best dishes. The glass lid allows you to easily monitor every cooking phase as well as being dishwasher safe.
Size packaging Volume m3 Illa's Code Ean Code
16 cm 6 WLC7016 8006815080826
18 cm 6 WLC7018 8006815085906
20 cm 6 WLC7020 8006815080833
22 cm 6 WLC7022 8006815085913
24 cm 6 WLC7024 8006815080840
26 cm 6 WLC7026 8006815085920
28 cm 6 WLC7028 8006815080857
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Ergonomic handles for a safe and comfortable grip

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