The Planeta project was created to meet the needs of a public that is increasingly attentive and aware of the environment and its protection. By applying the key principles of eco-sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle - the PLANETA line is born, made with recycled materials or from virtuous circles. In particular, the aluminum alloy is 100% recycled material (cans, tins, aluminum cans, etc.). The aluminum produced does not differ at all from that obtained from the original mineral since the fundamental characteristics of the metal remain unchanged and can be recycled again at the end of use. The recycling of aluminum reduces energy costs by 95% * compared to the production of primary aluminum, with a significant decrease in the exploitation of environmental resources.


    Food safe aluminium, 100% recycled, body
    Stone effect AQA internal coating reinforced with mineral particles Ergonomic handle, low environmental impact
    Hight thickness forged base, suitable for all hobs including induction
    100% recycled cardboard sleeve

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